Focus TIG 200 AC/DC

Art. no. 79510403

Complex welding in the field.

This portable inverter is created for devoted TIG-welders in professional industries who carry out fitting, mounting, repair and other complex welding operations in the field. Use the AC mode to weld in aluminium.

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Current range

5-200 A

Duty cycle 60%/40°C

170 A/16.8 V

Mains voltage

230 V


13 kg

Dimensions HWL

250 × 180 × 480 mm

Protection class

IP 23S


EN/IEC60974 -1. – 3. -10.

Single phase portable performance

Small and powerfull.
It can weld aluminium.

Do not be fooled by the simplicity and size of this handy welding machine. Its excellent welding performance and many adjustment possibilities makes it perfect for completing various tasks including pipes in stainless steel, sheet metal and position welding. Even aluminium is not a challenge.

Pulse function.
Yeah it got pulse!

You can master welding in thin plate thicknesses and sheet metal with this strong machine, that’s for sure. The pulse process gives you a better control of the weld pool and the low heat input lowers the risk of damaging the steel.

Conquer on-site operations.

Owing to its weight and size, Focus TIG 200 AC/DC is easy to bring along for any on-site welding operation. Adjust the strap and wear the machine on your shoulder. Connect it to any socket or generator with 230 V and start welding right away.


Quick overview


13 kg.


TIG + Pulse

Control panel

Manual settings


Polarity reversal

Weld outside using electrodes (MMA) or innershield wire (MIG/MAG) with optimum gas protection.


A high-frequency impulse initiates the arc when the torch trigger is activated.

Lift TIG-ignition

Carry out TIG welding tasks near near particularly sensitive electronic devices, such as hospital equipment, without causing high-frequency disruption.

Hotstart (MMA)

Hotstart supplies a bit extra energy at ignition, which ensures maximum fusion in the first few seconds af a weld.

Power Factor Correction (PFC)

PFC ensures maximum utilisation of the supply current. You can weld with a long mains cable or with a generator as power source.


TIG Ergo 201, 4 meters

TIG Ergo is a reliable torch which feels good in any hand and ensures a nice grip. Add other keypad units for more control options on the torch handle.

Included w/ configuration

  • Pulse function
  • TIG Ergo 201 welding torch, 4 meters
  • Earth cable, 3 meters
  • 16 A Schuko plug
  • Carrying strap
  • Power Factor Correction (PFC)
  • 2 years warranty
  • Pulse function
  • TIG Ergo 201 welding torch, 4 meters
  • Earth cable, 3 meters
  • 16 A Schuko plug
  • Carrying strap
  • Power Factor Correction (PFC)
  • 2 years warranty


2 years warranty

Technical specifications

Current range5-200 A
Mains voltage +/- 10 % (TIG)1 x 230 V
Fuse type C16 A
Duty cycle 100% /40°C (TIG)140 A/15.6 V
Duty cycle 60% /40 °C (TIG)170 A/16.8 V
Duty cycle 100 %/20 °C (TIG)160 A
Duty cycle 60 %/20 °C (TIG)190 A
Open circuit voltage90 V
Protection classIP 23S
StandardsEN/IEC60974 -1. - 3. -10.
Dimensions (H x W x L)250 mm × 180 mm × 510 mm
Weight13.5 kg